The Sonic & Knuckles saga is a memorable staple Sonic series that is looked upon more positively than other facets of the franchise. It consists of two games released in the same year: Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. In many cases, these two titles set a bar of high expectations for what would come next from the “blue blur,” as 90’s marketing would call him.

There has been much speculation over what it brought to the table story-wise. There has been speculation on the fruitfulness and validity of its fundamental mechanic. There has also been a sizable amount of speculation on what went on during the development of the game. Here is where I try my best (and potentially fail in some parts) to piece together what this saga was with objectivity as the vehicle of conveying information, and a personal passion for the series as a vehicle of getting it out there as cohesively as possible.

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