We all gotta give up something. Lurnks, please give up being sucky.

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1. Only the first Pokemon seen in each area may be caught. If they faint or flee, no Pokemon may be caught in that area.
DUPLICATES CLAUSE – I may not catch a Pokemon that I already have or had.
2. A Pokemon that faints is DEAD, and must be released.
a. No Trainer Healing items may be used during battle, such as Potions, Antidotes, etc. Held items, berries and restoration attacks are allowed.
b. Battle Style changed from “Switch” to “Set”.
c. Blind playthrough. I know VERY little about Pokemon X/Y, as I intentionally avoided all matter of spoilers leading up to the release. I don’t know the new Pokemon, I don’t know what Fairy is strong/weak against, I don’t know the gym leaders. I know a few things, like the fact that Mega Evolutions exist and there are horde battles, but that’s about it.
d. No trades at all. Other players, NPCs, Wondertrade, etc.
e. The Experience Share is turned off.

AND PLEASE, do not post game spoilers or Nuzlocke spoilers. Do not ruin this for myself and others!

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