Hey guys,

It’s been a podcast-o-rific week for us three idiots… but so is every week! For those who might be new to our show, we do a podcast called the ContinueCast! It comes out twice a month and it’s like a “Book Club for Video Games.” Every other week Nick, Josh, Paul and Special Guest Luke Brown play a different video game and discuss. We ask you guys to play along and email in your thoughts.  You can check it out on iTunes or through Podomatic or on YouTube.


Last week, Nick Murphy was on the Polaris Co-Optional Podcast with TotalBiscuit, Dodger and Jesse Cox.


And some of you might not know but Josh Henderson does a podcast with Dominic Moschitti (who used to be on our show) call Fantasy Fiction. Every week Josh and Dom write ridiculous short stories, based off a prompt, set in the fantasy worlds of Daranos and Orcspire, respectively. They then read these stories to each other and laugh like idiots. Check them out on iTunes.

Fantasy Fiction Episode 25: Succubus and Banshees!