Hey Booters!

Anyone going to MAGFest on January 23rd to January 26th? US TOO!

Every single one of us from NormalBoots is going to be at MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland in a couple of weeks! We’ll ALL be there! …except for PeanutButterGamer. He sadly won’t be able to make it, but he wanted to make sure his four fans knew that he was sorry.

We’ll have plenty of panels going throughout the weekend! There will be a JonTron panel, a Continue?/Fantasy Fiction Panel, ProJared will be on the Improv Show, and we’ll have a huge NormalBoots panel on Sunday evening at 5:30! Keep an eye out on the schedule for when the other panels are… cause we don’t know when they are yet.

So again, please feel free to say hi to all of us (minus PBG) that weekend! We always look forward to it! Get more information at the MAGFest website!